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Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

Espira Plant Power Protein Canister Espira Plant Power Protein Canister $35.00 each SPECIAL OFFERS: •   Sign up ...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

Espira Plant Power Protein Canister

$35.00 each
Fuel up with 21 grams of natural plant protein† (from sprouted quinoa and amaranth, yellow peas and globe artichokes).

• Only 120 calories per serving
• Provides all the essential amino acids as whey protein† 
• Fruit enzymes make it easy to digest
• Comes in great-tasting chocolate and vanilla, even better when mixed with almond milk
• Free of the allergens: dairy, soy, peanuts and tree nuts
• Gluten-free
• Vegan
• Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives
• Available in a 15-serving canister
• Add one scoop from the canister (30 g) to 10 to 12 oz. of chilled water or beverage of your choice in a shaker 
   cup or blender. Mix for about 5 seconds.
• For optimal taste, mix with almond milk or a milk substitute of your preference.
• Take in the afternoon instead of a high-fat or high-sugar snack.
• For best results use Plant Power Protein as a part of the Espira Metabolism Boost System, a 4-product system
   that helps support a healthy metabolism.†

Make staying healthy a little bit easier! Stay on track and never miss a day without your favorite health and wellness supplements by subscribing to Avon Auto-Replenish.

About the Boost Product Line
When you have natural energy, you thrive. And we’re not talking about the artificial kick you get from a cup of coffee or sugar rush—this is vitality that comes from within. Experience a different kind of energy that will fuel you through the day without letting you down.

About Espira

A customized health and wellness line formulated with ingredients to boost and sustain your natural energy, restore your radiance and support your overall health.† Experience results you can see and feel.

Take the ESPIRA Vitamin Finder QUIZ to see which Vitamins are best for you.

See Ingredients HERE

Keep out of reach of children. For adult use only.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Get Your LIFETIME Membership Today for only $25

Do you pay for ANNUAL memberships to shopping clubs like Sam's Club, Costco and other membership clubs?  How much do you pay for those ANNUAL memberships . . . $30, $40, $50 or more?

How would you like to get a LIFETIME membership for a ONE TIME fee as little as $25 to purchase items you use on a daily basis?  Items like bath & body products, personal care products, skin care, makeup, fragrances, clothing, jewelry, home decor and household items.  

What would you say if I told you that 

you could also SAVE 20-40% on those items?  

Start your LIFETIME account with the  NEW Avon today and you can have those things . . . AND MORE!!!  See the chart below for the Starter Kits that are available to you.   Once you start your account you can decide which type of representative you would like to become.  Here are your options that can be changed at anytime with no additional cost:
  1. Personal Shopper (LIFETIME account) - you buy for yourself, your family and closest friends.  Get a 20-40% discount on the products you purchase and the opportunity to earn $1,000 in 90 days!!
  2. Part-time representative - you have all the benefits of #1.  However, because you are now looking to find more customers to buy from you, you will earn more money.  
  3. Full-time representative - you have all of the benefits of #1 & #2.  However, you will begin to build a team.  Now you have more than one stream of income... earnings on your sales and you will earn 3%-8% on your team sales as well.  Not to mention bonuses, trips and prizes you have the potential to earn.
Other advantages of a LIFETIME membership:
  • You can shop in your PJ's 24/7
  • You can shop without your kids tugging your shirt tail saying "Mommy can I buy this?"
  • You can shop for birthday, anniversary, holiday gifts to family & friends and ship from your FREE online store.  (FREE shipping on $40+ orders!!)
  • You only have to shop once every 2 months to keep your account active
  • 90 day return policy with 1 FREE return per month
  • You could even make some EXTRA CASH if you choose to

WOW! Would Costco or Sam's Club do that for you?

START NOW and Who knows  . . .
With extra effort, you could earn $1,000 within 90 days! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine in 4 Simple Steps

Take your skin care regimen to the next level with top-sellers that have you covered from morning to night.

When you check-out, don't forget about this 
AWESOME Valentine Day bundle 
that is available for only $40 ($88 value)!!

Step #1:  Anew Power Serum #417-187

  • Start your day off with this concentrated yet lightweight treatment to boost the benefits of your moisturizer.
  • To use:
    •  Apply daily on clean, dry skin in the morning and evening, use two pumps of the serum, smoothing it evenly over your skin with your fingertips. Once it is absorbed, follow with your favorite moisturizer
  • Regular $40 Sale $22.99 (2018 C04)

Step #2:  Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 #008-953 
  • A customer favorite!!  Use in the morning to provide essential hydration while shielding your summer skin with SPF 25.
  • To use:
    •  Every morning, smooth over cleansed face and neck. Apply before sun exposure and as needed. Can be used in combination with other treatments or moisturizers.
  • Regular $38.00  Sale $21.99 (2018 C04)

Step #3:  Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System #327-391

  • This unique dual eye system targets the upper-eye and brow-bone area as well as under-eye to give eyes a dramatic lift in 7 days!
  • To Use:
    • Twice daily, apply gel to eyelid and brow bone area, apply cream to under eye area, including your cheekbone
  • Regular $28.00 Sale BOGO Check my online store for MIX & MATCH products for this BOGO sale and save up to $40!!!! (2018 C04)

And, last but not least . . .

Step #4:  Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Creme #442-483
  • Revitalize your skin overnight with Black Pearl Extract and dramatically improve visible wrinkles and skin radiance while you sleep.
  • To use:
    • Apply at night on clean dry skin onto face, neck and decolletage.  Can be used with any Anew regime.
  • Regular $59.00 Sale $34.99 (2018 C04)

You can purchase all of the above items

by shopping in my online store

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Pay off your debt quicker by 

earning some extra cash!

Join our Shooting Stars Team for as little as $25.00 

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When you check-out, don't forget about this 
AWESOME Valentine Day bundle 
that is available for only $40 ($88 value)!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Avon Smooth Minerals vs Bare Minerals

Do you remember when Bare Minerals was first introduced?  I do!  I remember seeing the "infomercial" that stated that the minerals in the powder foundation was good for your skin, especially if you had sensitive skin (which I do), it gave you a lightweight, sheer to full coverage that it would last for hours.  WOW!! That sounds like an AWESOME product!!

It was a cool concept but I felt it was really expensive and never tried it.  However, my sister did and LOVED it!!  She even bought several shades so that she could 'customize' the color to match her completion all year long.  To me that was too much work.  Back then and even to this day, I don't wear a lot of foundation.  So I just couldn't justify the cost of it . . . I don't remember how much it was . . . but back in those days . . . if it was $20, it was too expensive for me.  Now you can purchase it for around $29 and you can have it set up on AutoShip.

Here are the benefits for Bare Minerals:
  • Provides broad spectrum SPF 15 non-chemical, mineral-based sun protection
  • Promotes clearer, healthier looking skin over time
  • Buildable, sheer-to-full coverage
  • Naturally luminous finish
  • Lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Available in 30 true-to-you shades
Then many years later, Avon came out with their version of that same product.  It is called Smooth Minerals.  While it is similar to the Bare Minerals, it comes with a much smaller price tag.  The regular price is only $12.00 and is regularly on sale for $8.99.  Because of the lower price point, I decided to try this and LOVED it!!

What I loved best about it was in the summer time, my face doesn't feel like it's melting.  The foundation stays in place and I didn't even feel like I was wearing any foundation.  That's not to say that the Bare Minerals didn't do the same thing, I just know what this does because I tried it.  You can build up the coverage too.  So on light makeup days, I just put on one layer.  But when my face is more red, I can build it up until I get the coverage I need to cover up the redness. 

"Every single customer I have, who purchased Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation, 
told me that they prefer it over the Bare Minerals Foundation.  And not only because 
of the price point . . . they actually like the product better!" 
~ Karen Whitney, Avon Representative

The perfect blend, Avon True Color Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation...Evens skin tone instantly and over time with every smooth application.

Here are the benefits for Avon Smooth Mineral Foundation:
  • Wears all day
  • Natural medium coverage
  • Oil and fragrance-free
  • Talc free
  • Pure mineral pigments for luminous color
  • New innovative package design
  • AVON TRUE COLOR means the color you buy is the color you apply.
  • Available in 12 shades
Shop for your Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation here.  Get FREE Shipping on all $40+ orders.  Otherwise you'll pay a flat rate of only $5.95.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Use Ebates When You Place Your Avon Order

UPDATE:  Shoprunner is not longer available to use with Avon.

Since starting my Avon business in 2009, I have serviced my customers in person by passing out Avon brochures every 2 weeks and delivering their orders in person.  That is the way Avon has done business for over 130 years.
However, with the changes in technology and partnerships with online shopping programs like Ebates, you can save even more money on your favorite Avon products when you place your Avon order online. 

Customers now have the ability to order their Avon products via their representatives online website . . . called an eStore.  There is no more waiting for an Avon representative to bring you a brochure or waiting up to 2 weeks to get your products.  You will get the products shipped to your doorstep in less than a week in most cases.  You can shop 24/7 and in your jammies if you choose to and still have access to your Avon representative if you have any questions. 

JOIN our Team for as little as $25.00.  Start earning some Christmas Cash!

What other advantages are there to shop online?

  • See what's TRENDING Now! - Check out what is NEW and TRENDING in the current campaign here.
  • Avon Auto-Replenish - With our Avon Auto-Replenish program you’ll enjoy the convenience of having your Avon favorites delivered to you automatically. Plus, you’ll get them at a discounted price and FREE shipping. Just select items marked Avon Auto-Replenish, choose the delivery frequency and your credit card will be charged for the product each time it ships.  You can cancel or change your preferences at any time under the My Account section, in the Avon Auto-Replenish page.
  • Skin Advisor - this tool will help you find the right solution to your skin’s unique needs. Skin Advisor
  • Fit Guides, Tutorials, How To's - Find help from these Fit Guides  to assure the perfect fit on clothes, watch video tutorials by beauty experts on how to apply products or get that 'special' eye, find the perfect fragrance for you and find more tools here.
  • FREE Shipping - Get free shipping on ALL orders of $40.00 or more (otherwise, a flat fee of only $5.95)  You can have your order expedited for an additional cost (2-3 day - $15.90 or Next Business day - $20.90).  Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii have different charges Shipping Details
  • Track your order - To view your order history and to see tracking information on recent orders, please sign in and go to "My Account", or enter your email address and the order ID here.
  • Register your email - Get emails for FREE shipping on smaller orders
  • Online only Specials - As an online shopper, you will get specials thru the year that 'in person' shoppers do not get
  • Delivery to your Door Step - You get your products much quicker and right to your front door.
  • Order is PAID for - Since your order will be paid for at the time you place your order, by using you will never worry about it being delivered and not being able to pay for it.
  • Payment options - Visa/MC/American Express/Discover Card, Debit or Gift Cards that have a Visa/MC logo on them and via your Paypal account.
  • Discounts - Use EBATES to save or earn cash back.  Or check  your email daily for Avon Coupon Codes.
  • Shop for others  - Pick your products, pay for them via your debit/credit card and then change the 'SHIP TO' to the address you want the products shipped to.  "GREAT for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wedding Gifts, New Home, holidays gifts - especially Christmas and for any other reason you need to send a gift."
  • Get a FREE Brochure - with every order you place, you will get the next brochure with your order.
  • Returns - If you get something that didn't meet your expectations, wrong color, size, etc., you can still return it according to Avon's return policies. Be sure to keep the paperwork that comes in your order until you are sure you no longer need it.  Returns 
  • Access to me - you can still call/text/email or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions.  I can also help you place your order at my eStore.
As you can see, there are lots of reasons to shop at my eStore , including using external methods to save money via EBATES.

BONUS . . . you still have me when you need me.

HOW TO shop my eStore

You have a FEW ways to shop:
#1 - This is the EASIEST way to shop my eStore: Click on SHOP BROCHURE - here you can view the entire brochure as if you had it in your hot little hands. You can also view all of the sales flyers, outlet flyers, Mark Magalog and Home Living Magalog.
#2 - This is the HARDEST way to shop. BUT, if you want to check prices from previous campaigns, you should use this option. If you know the product number or want to check for the best available price, click on SHOP BROCHURE, look at the very top right of the page and click on PRODUCT #. This will open an order form. There is a drop down box for the current campaign and 2 back campaigns. Enter the item number 3 times . . . one for each campaign. . . add them to your CART. Then check your CART/BAG for the prices. REMOVE the ones you don't want and keep the one that has the best price. WATCH OUT tho . . . if something in the brochure says "Buy 2 for $28" of "Buy one Get one Half Off" or another special, the BAG may show each one as the regular price until you go thru the checkout process. If you need help with this or want me to look up the product in a previous campaign to be sure what the special is, PLEASE CALL ME. I keep old books for a limited time and I can make sure you are getting the correct product at the correct price.
#3 - This is the LOOK AROUND way to shop.  It is a great way to learn more about Avon, it's Causes, how to use the products and find tools that will help you pick the perfect product for you. Click on SHOP NOW. This will take you to a screen where you can see some TOP SELLERS, the NEW "A" Box, Avon Cause products (Breast Cancer/Domestic Violence), "Get the Look" as seen on episodes of Project Runway, enter Sweepstakes, tools and How To's.